Commercial Pipe Relining & Repairs

Commercial, civil and government pipe relining projects are Nuflow’s specialty.


Commercial, civil and government pipe relining projects are Nuflow’s specialty. Nuflow’s innovative, reliable and cost-effective pipe relining solutions are perfectly suited for repairs to:

Relining with Nuflow’s advanced composite resin technologies, rather than digging or excavating pipes to repair or replace them, means broken, damaged, or leaking pipes of any kind no longer create major problems. Relining with Nuflow also results in fewer negative environmental impacts, operational disruptions and workplace health and safety concerns, and almost always saves money and time.

Our environmentally-friendly relining solutions are custom designed by in-house chemists and engineers, and then independently tested to ensure they comply with international standards.

From our headquarters in Queensland, these experts also support our Australasian franchise network of fully-trained and qualified commercial plumbers and installation technicians, to help them deliver each project under optimum conditions and according to plan. This level of training and support ensures our highly-experienced team are able to maximise the efficiency of the products and deliver solutions that really do take into account our commercial, civil and government clients’ specific operational and budgetary needs.

We pride ourselves on achieving where others can’t and at all times adhere to strict WorkSafe practices, making the safety of our workers, and of those working with and around us, a priority.

We also pride ourselves on knowing we are leading the way in development of this cutting-edge technology, and that thousands of satisfied clients have already chosen Nuflow to keep their damaged drainage, trade, waste, water and other specialty pipes flowing.



Proactive commercial pipe management involves taking action to ensure pipe integrity and efficiency PRIOR TO pipe failure or broken drain pipes.

Reactive pipe repairs

Reactive commercial pipe repairs are when repairs are undertaken after the fault occurs.


Pipes come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. They sit in different environments; under major highways, in corporate office walls, and deep in the ground. They’re buried in freezing mountain chalets, in sweltering outback towns, and everything in between, and they do thousands of different jobs.

That’s why Nuflow is not about ‘one-size-fits-all’ answers.

We listen to what you need, we account for the unique operational circumstances of your organisation, and our in-house scientists design a solution that really works for you.

This is how:


Nuflow is not about ‘one-size-fits-all’ answers.

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