Rising to the occasion: stormwater system relining saves the dough after yeast spill

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When a major contamination spill from an industrial food manufacturing site made its way into a broken stormwater line, the potential consequences were significant.  This meant a solution was needed, fast. Fortunately, Nuflow is equipped to handle all sorts of pipe problems, big or small, and this recent project from Nuflow Blacktown and Hills District was certainly a big one. 

A contamination incident despite the best laid plans

Sometimes, things happen that you don’t expect. You can do everything right and have the best contingencies in place, only for a series of unforeseen circumstances to lead to a major incident. This is exactly what happened to an industrial food manufacturer in Sydney. 

During operations, a yeast spill occurred inside the facility. While the manufacturer had done the right thing by creating bunded areas to contain the spill, they didn’t realise that the trade waste line buried in the ground had failed. The volume of the spill was so significant that it actually fed into the sewer line, which then also failed and leaked the contamination into the stormwater system. 

Once in the stormwater system, the spill ran along the pipeline until it came across holes, fractures, and failed rubber connection points. These damages meant the yeast drained into the surrounding water system and into a spillway where a member of the public noticed a slick on the surface. After the council was alerted, they tracked the spill to the storm drain outlet connected to the site. As soon as the manufacturer was informed, they took immediate action and reached out to their contracted plumber requesting that things be rectified as quickly as possible. 

Stormwater system damage reveals relining as the only solution 

Once the contracted plumber was able to assess the damage, he saw that the impacts to the trade lines and sewer lines were a relatively straightforward fix. However, when his CCTV drain inspection captured the scope of the impacts to the stormwater system, including collapsed and busted pipe junctions, he realised a reline was the only way to get things repaired. Not only because of tricky access, but because the alternative would mean excavating the sewer line, waste lines, and ammonia plant located above the stormwater system. So, he reached out to his local plumbing supplier seeking a recommendation. 

Nuflow Blacktown and Hills District has great relationships with all suppliers, and are constantly getting referrals from frustrated plumbers not able to find a reliner with the skills, service, and attention to detail required to do the job right. So, when this contracted plumber reached out, he was sent straight to Nuflow.  

Nuflow’s fast response and adaptability to the rescue  

Once the team was brought in, they were given CCTV footage and an instruction that things were extremely urgent. Owner Dane reviewed a whopping 4 hours of footage that same night and emailed his recommendations to the plumber. Within a week of the order, Nuflow Blacktown was on site ready to repair the stormwater system using top relining tech, Blueline

This particular job posed a lot of challenges, from accessibility to safety to the weather. The team only had about 300-400m of working room to insert the relining bladders which would prove difficult for the damaged pipe junctions. These are connections from a sideline that lead to an appliance or different area of the building, feeding them into a common drain line. Because of their position in the pipes, good accessibility is usually a requirement to effectively complete the reline. Despite their space limitations, the team was able to use their expertise to effectively reline and repair the pipeline junctions. This was even more impressive in the face of their other major hurdle – the rain. 

While the job was being done, Sydney was dealing with nonstop rain. There was no option to reschedule due to the urgency of the job, so the Nuflow Blacktown and Hills District team had to adapt. To counteract their battle with the weather, they used resins that would cure underwater and wouldn’t wash away while they were installing the liners. Plus, because of the size of the site, the stormwater drain needed to be in operation during the reline. To allow for that, the team used flow-through bladders that allowed the water to run through a hose within the liner. 

The amount of rainfall was also a major safety concern since the team would be working in the stormwater pits, so they had to mitigate that risk. Nuflow Blacktown and Hills District is ISO accredited across three tiers, meaning they are dedicated to safety and quality. Throughout the duration of the job, they made sure they upheld working standards that aligned with these accreditations, ensuring the safety of the team and great outcomes for the client. 

Fast, effective service the client could trust

By the time the job was done, twenty-two liners were installed, consisting of two 225mm x 150mm junctions, fourteen 225mm sectional patches, five 150mm sectional patches, and one 300mm sectional patch. This only took three weeks, and in under a month the stormwater system was structurally repaired and running efficiently. 

The client was thrilled with the speed of the job, and the fact that their operations could continue without interruption. They could simply put their faith in Nuflow, and know that everything would be done to an exceptional standard. 

Nuflow’s here to help

No matter how complex or complicated your project, your local Nuflow has the capability to help. Whether you’re in need of commercial, residential, or industrial pipe repair, our market-leading, innovative relining solutions can provide the results you need. Learn more on our website, or get in touch today

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