Summer plumbing tips from Nuflow

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Summer is finally here! It’s the season of backyard BBQs, beach days, and pool time fun. However, the activities that take place in the warmer weather, and the climate itself, can lead to a set of unique summer plumbing problems. 

Without the right preparation and attention, these issues could become something much bigger and impact your summer enjoyment. That’s why we wanted to offer our knowledge and help you figure out how to both prevent and remedy the plumbing difficulties you’re most likely to encounter. Here are 6 of the most significant plumbing problems and their relevant solutions. 

1. Blocked gutters  

The hot summer weather means dead and dry leaves can make their way into your gutters. Not only is this an eyesore, when debris accumulates it can stop your gutters from functioning the way they need to. During a summer storm, overflow may spill into your yard and cause damage or flooding to your property. Debris can make its way into your downpipes and accumulate in your storm drain, causing serious blockages during heavy rainfall.


Well before the full swing of summer, you should ensure your gutters are as clear as possible. From there, you need to conduct ongoing maintenance throughout the season to prevent things building up over time. If you’re unable to do this safely, a plumber or drain specialist can handle this for you. While they’re there, it’s a good idea to get your drains and downpipes inspected for any leaks or blockages to ensure everything is working correctly. 

2. Clogged toilets 

School holidays start over the summer, which means your kids are home a lot more often. It’s also likely you’ll have people over more consistently. All of this means a lot more work for your poor toilet.

With more toilet paper heading down your pipes, the chances of things getting clogged are heightened. No one wants to deal with a backed-up toilet, so here are a few things you can do. 


If you have younger kids, make sure they know the proper bathroom etiquette. The last thing you need is food and toys blocking your sewer pipes. Likewise, ensuring that toilet paper is the only thing going down there can help prevent big build-ups. Even ‘flushable’ wipes may not disintegrate as promised and cause a blockage. 

In the event that something does cause a clog, try out your luck with a plunger. If that doesn’t work, don’t leave it and hope that it sorts itself out – this can lead to a much bigger problem. In this situation, you should definitely call in a professional. 

3. Slow draining showers 

Outdoor adventures are a summer time staple. Maybe you’re going to a beach, a local waterway, or even a park. A lot of fun memories are made through these experiences, and so are build-ups in your shower. With people outdoors a lot more, there is more to clean off in the shower. Extra dirt, debris, and sand can accumulate in your shower drain and cause it to empty a lot slower. 


Give your drains a clean at the start of summer so anything you wash down doesn’t add to what’s already there. You can also call a professional to look at the state of your shower drain and clear anything out before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Then throughout the season, it’s a good idea to rinse off as much as you can before getting into the shower. This reduces the debris being washed down your drain and can help prevent things from getting blocked.  

4. Dripping outdoor taps 

Your outdoor taps get used a lot during the heat, whether it’s for washing the car, watering your garden, or just summer fun shenanigans. This extra use can mean that your faucet’s washer undergoes a bit of wear and tear and can result in it leaking. Otherwise, the pipeline leading to your tap may have moved around or even frozen during winter, resulting in cracks along it somewhere. This makes a leak a little harder to detect, but you’ll soon learn from your water bill. 


If your tap is leaking, ensure that the rubber washer is in good condition and that the faucet is sealed to the wall. If that doesn’t fix it, calling in a plumber to fix any potential pipeline issues can save you utility expenses in the long run and be better for the environment. 

5. Tree root intrusion

We all need a little extra water in summer, and so do the trees around your home and pipes. In warmer weather, tree roots will seek out groundwater further down in the soil. Unfortunately, they usually end up finding your pipes instead, where they make their way inside through small fissures and cracks. This causes blockages throughout your drainage systems, waterlines, and sewers. 


There often isn’t much you can do in the way of initial prevention of tree root intrusion, aside from being ready to call in someone to help at the first sign of trouble. Professionals can conduct a CCTV inspection to confirm the source and location, and then get things removed for you. 

If you find this becomes an ongoing issue, there are a few things you can do. One is to remove the offending tree, which isn’t ideal, and the other is to reline your pipes with advanced materials. With Nuflow’s CIPP relining technology, our tough composite resins are resistant to tree root intrusion and can stop them from invading your pipes. 

Talk to Nuflow for help with your summer plumbing 

The team at Nuflow are prepared to help with every issue on this list. Our expertise and knowledge can help ensure that your plumbing systems keep flowing smoothly over the warmer months. That way you can stay focused on enjoying time with your loved ones. Reach out to us today and we’ll conduct checks on your drains and other systems to get you summer-ready.