Nuflow introduces new quality assurance app

Nuflow Australasia is excited to announce the launch of Nuflow IQ QA: our new internal quality assurance app. This new smart tool is part of our commitment to quality assurance, providing a simple way for our franchise partners to access resources and geotrack jobs from the road.

Available through our new hub portal, this custom web solution is the first of its kind. It will house important technical documents and installation methodologies, as well as provide installation calculators for technicians, empowering even the newest reliners to work with confidence.

Who is the app for?

While the app is designed to be used by local Nuflow teams, clients will also benefit from the streamlined business processes it makes possible. Customer service, communication, and quality management are a key focus of the new app, meaning our clients are provided with a consistently high level of service.

What does the app do?

Nuflow IQ QA is a way to thoroughly track the details of the jobs our team completes, and a way for our technicians to track warranties and access resources while they’re on the job.

Simple record keeping for warranties and quality assurance

The warranty registration of Nuflow’s pipeline materials is a vital part of customer service, and since we have warranties up to 50 years it’s important that comprehensive details of each installation job are recorded. This gives the clearest picture possible of the circumstances of the job, so the warranty can be claimed easily and everyone from the customer to the head office team understands what went into it.

Our team can simply scan the pipe relining products, geo-tag the location, and take photos of the completed installation. From there, the warranty details can be instantly sent off to the customer.

Franchise partners can also submit, view and claim all warranties through this portal, optimising business processes and helping provide the best service possible to our clients.

Resources and calculators all in one place

Nuflow IQ QA will include pipe relining methodologies and useful calculators for resin quantities and working times, helping our on-site teams easily access everything they need to complete the job to the highest standards.

 “Quality in a service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it. Our new app is all about making sure we deliver the best outcomes for our customers.”

James Tighe, General Manager

Part of Nuflow’s ongoing commitment to improving and innovating

The app is the latest investment in maintaining our commitment to quality management and assurance. This transparency means all our clients can be 100% confident in everything we do, and have peace of mind that we have procedures, systems and redundancy built into every job.

With this innovative new technology, Nuflow partners can continue providing quality, efficient services and products to our clients, whether they be councils, water authorities, facilities managers, strata or home owners.

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